Welcome to Attend

We support people and organisations who are making their communities healthier and happier. We offer a range of services including insurance, training and bespoke projects.

About us

Attend is a national charity that supports and expands the roles volunteers play in creating healthy communities.

Get involved

There is always something happening at Attend. Whether it's an event, a project, some training, a conference or a volunteering opportunity, we hope there will be something you want to get involved with.


We run a membership scheme for voluntary organisations across the UK that offers support such as insurance, legal advice, financial services and local and national networking.


We deliver projects that explore new ways for volunteering to have a healthy impact in our communities. We also partner with our members or offer support to expand the projects run by them.

Attend Academy

Attend Academy has developed a range of programmes approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management, The Open College Network, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Fundraising.

Modern Slavery Statement

Attend is committed to improving its practices around issues relating to modern slavery.