Project work remains one of the vital pillars of Attend. First and foremost; as an organisation, we ‘do’ – and this is reflected in our mission statements:

  • We deliver projects: we deliver volunteering that supports innovation and sets a standard for volunteering. We take risks so that those we support don’t have to.
  • We support those volunteering: membership provides the networks, resources, and expertise that they need to grow and increase their impact in a rapidly changing environment.
  • We spread the word: through conferences and an extensive range of training programmes we can improve volunteering that supports healthy communities, and ensures the potential of communities is realised.

Doing’ involves risk, and every time we try to make the world a better place for people who have been left behind in some way, we go face-to-face with an uncertain future. Our experience in managing this risk, delivering projects, and supporting those around us increases every time we try.

Attend ABI

Attend ABI is a service designed to support adults who have an acquired and non-progressive brain injury.

Stroke Navigation

Based in the London borough of Enfield, this project is helping people who have had a stroke by finding them volunteering placements.

Friends of Care Homes

This project has its roots in the volunteering initiatives of Friends groups for over 50 years.

Mental Health Projects

Each year, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem, according to a 2019 publication by MHFA England.

Silver Santa

The Silver Santa project aims to give back the joy of Christmas, through the giving of stockings or individually packed and wrapped gift boxes to the residents of care homes. Piloted in the Yorks and Humber region and funded by Awards for All.

Long Covid

Supporting individuals with neurological long covid with managing long covid, accessing relevant services, and with returning to employment.