Best wishes to His Majesty the King

Our President Baroness Finlay sends congratulations to His Majesty the King on his Coronation

His Majesty the King
Buckingham Palace

Your Majesties,

I am honoured to extend my congratulations on your coronation, on behalf of the Leagues of Friends. It fills us with great joy to witness your ascent to the throne, a journey that many of us have been following since your childhood. We have been delighted to witness your growth, seeing your interests flourish and your voice grow ever more confident.

The presence of the Queen alongside you on the dais during this historic moment is a perfect complement, and it brings us immense delight to witness both of you sharing this special occasion.

In writing, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt wishes for a happy reign. May it be a long and successful one, filled with countless moments of joy.

With our very best wishes,

Baroness Finlay

Ilora Finlay