A New Year message from our President

The older we get, the quicker the years seemed to pass. As a child, Christmas seemed to me to go on for ages! Now I am not saying anything, but it really does not feel like twelve months since I wrote my last New Years greeting to you all. Yet in that time a lot has happened and many of you have faced new difficulties as well as unexpected joys.

I am always struck by the quiet evolution of Friends groups, that is always combined with a consistent thread of deep-rooted compassion for the community around them. It has been a year where our NHS has changed, and no doubt there will be more significant ones before I write again.

I would commend you for your determination, and send my very best wishes for the support of your group in 2024. As ever if you feel that the office team can help you in any way please contact Debbie on Debbie.baverstock@attend.org.uk or call 020 7307 2570. We really would love to help make things easier if we can.

Thank you once again for everything your group has done, and contributed to.

With very best wishes

Ilora Finlay