About us

Attend is a national charity that supports and expands the roles volunteers play in creating healthy communities.

Who we are

For over 60 years Attend has been helping people across the UK create healthy communities.

What we do

We believe that volunteering has a powerful role to play in our health and social care, and we work hard to find ways to make that role relevant and impactful.

In the beginning

Our roots lie in the hundreds of voluntary hospitals, often run by Leagues of Friends to treat the sick and the poor, who got together in the 1800s to establish the British Hospital Association.


We work with others and believe in the power of working together

Who's who

Get to know the team at Head Office and in the Regions.

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National Association of Leagues of Friends

The League of Friends: A concise history

Archive Events

We have been called Attend since 2006, however we have been putting volunteering at the heart of healthy communities for over 60 years now.