The League of Friends of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Volunteers Join the Fight Against the Virus

Thank you to Susan Hurdiss for taking the time to speak to Attend and let us know how they are making a difference

During the COVID-19 crisis it seemed that the world had come to an abrupt halt. From offices to restaurants, buildings have closed and people have had to stay at home. Key workers such as hospital staff are expected to continue going to work, but they have remained as vigilant as ever, doing their best to help beat the virus.
The unsung heroes of the hour are the ones who have found niche ways to utilise their skills and work to help their community. These are the volunteers who are doing what they can to support hospital staff. One particular team of volunteers, known as the League Of Friends Of The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, found that they could continue to support their local hospitals in creative ways.

While the majority of volunteers have had to self-isolate, some volunteers are able to still run the quaint hospital shops which are open near the main ward. It is available for hospital staff only, providing essentials such as bread, milk, and fruit. The team wanted to help alleviate further stress of a shop after a long day, so they took to the web where hospital staff could pre-pay their orders and simply collect their items in minutes. It has proven a relief to the workers and maintains a sense of purpose for the young shop volunteers.

What about the volunteers who have had to self-isolate? Susan Hurdiss, Secretary, explained that volunteers are encouraged to get involved in the activities of groups like the Sewing Bee Club. These groups have taken on to sewing masks, gowns, and other useful materials to donate to the hospital, all from the safety of their homes. It is a creative outlet where volunteers can learn a new skill and contribute to their community.

For those who want to help in other ways, baking homemade cakes and donating food items to the wellbeing hubs have been welcomed with open arms. The wellbeing hubs were set up for staff who are finding it difficult to cope and need a safe space to be heard. Here, volunteers would provide drinks, sandwiches, and other tasty treats while hospital staff could find comfort in the supportive environment.


Susan explained how another 27 of their volunteers have persisted in the midst of the crisis, “Our vibrant fundraising community are working very hard to raise money for portable monitoring modules. These are handy devices for the specialists, doctors and nurses to retain details of the patients when they need to be transferred to different wards. We have kept our communication open with the hospital as to what they might need and this equipment is essential. All the profits we receive are going towards this equipment”.

As Susan described how pleased she was to see the community coming together, she recognised that not all volunteers would be able to constantly help out as they normally would while in isolation. The group values their volunteer's efforts and ensures that they are called at least once a week to see how they are doing.
The League of Friends of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital have set the standard high for volunteering across the globe. Finding ways to support the community, whether by offering their skills, donations or simply by staying home, together we can persist in the face of adversity.

Debbie Baverstock
Membership Services Manager
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