Coronavirus guidance

Some general guidance for our member groups

Dear all,

Firstly we hope you are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. The sense of fear is quite tangible and many people do not know what to do for the best.

Our groups are so diverse that we cannot give one piece of over-arching advice that suits you all. In the last newsletter we did provide a longer more general piece on what you might need to be thinking about and do. However the key themes are likely to be:

• Where you have volunteers that go into a host organisation (hospital, healthcare centre) it is highly likely that your volunteers have been asked not to come in. We are considered to be “non essential”, and it is the best situation for them and the patients.
• Where volunteers visit people in their own homes, we do have a sample procedure to follow, but it essentially involves contacting the individual they are visiting first to ensure they are not ill. We can send you a copy if you feel his might be relevant.
• You may find that people are choosing not to attend events such as fundraising events, coffee mornings etc and it could be better to postpone these for the time being, particularly if there is a cost incurred in making them happen.

We would recommend that your trustees think about what they want to do immediately and in the longer term, and start to make decisions now about how they might operate if you can’t all meet up for a while. Is there anything particular that you might need to put in place?

In terms of the office here, we have no intentions to close at present. Debbie lives within walking distance of the offices, so while London remains open for business we intend to still be here, and offering services. That means for example, that we are still able to process your membership and insurance queries and requests ready for renewal on 1st April.

Should it be that the office closes then we will be able to work remotely and while it may not feel like exactly the same service, we should be able to deal with any concerns you have.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have anything that you would like some help thinking through.