Calling all London based member groups. Voices of the first NHS volunteers

This year, we are 70. As we look through the minutes of the first meetings which brought the Friends groups together, it is obvious that the passion that linked local communities together in 1949 is alive and well amongst our members.

We are delighted that we have been given a small grant to record the stories of some of the most long-standing volunteers in the London member groups. We hope that the stories will capture how volunteers have utilised their unique skills, knowledge and committment to support the development of the NHS from its very beginning.

We will be carrying out short interviews during the first half of 2020 and would welcome your nominations for long-standing volunteers who you feel we should speak to.

If you have someone in your group you would like to nominate for this please do email me at or contact me on 020 7307 2570. We are fully expecting to be over-subscribed and may not be able to work with everyone the first time round, but please do get in touch.