Opening doors to volunteering (EYV11)

EYV11 – ‘Opening the door to volunteering to underrepresented groups’ This programme was funded by the Cabinet Office as part of the European Year of Volunteering 2011.

This programme was designed to:

  • create an enabling environment for inclusive volunteering
  • produce a dynamic resource of guidance, empowering volunteer involving organisations to fully engage with their communities in voluntary activities
  • raise awareness about the value and importance of inclusive volunteering
  • provide a legacy of an active inclusive volunteering community

This involved a mapping of current research and good practice in engaging with volunteers who are traditionally less likely to volunteer. This review explored research and good practice guides produced to date, but also incorporated action learning networks to identify current developments and pioneering practices; this involved both face-to-face and on-line discussions.

Face-to-face discussions were facilitated via 27 action learning workshops on topics related to inclusive volunteering in different English regions. These were advertised widely and took place between September and November 2011. On-line discussions were facilitated on the Attend Connect forum, and a number of case studies were developed as a result, which identified how current practitioners progressing their own inclusive volunteering initiatives. NB This forum has been built using the same social networking platform as ‘i-volunteer’, and has the capacity to facilitate significant sharing of learning.

In addition, Attend reviewed and presented small-scale projects with volunteering organisations, in order to identify and celebrate the enabling factors that underpin an inclusive volunteering environment.





Mental Health 


Faith-Based Organisations



Youth Volunteering 

Case Studies 

CSV - Involving people with a learning disability, mental health needs

CSV- Volunteering - The Borstals Programme

SueRyder - Volunteering, prisoners, and ex-offenders

26 business reasons for engaging with disabled volunteers