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There have been significant changes within the charity sector recently.
Auto-enrolment is being phased in from October 2012 and will start with firms employing more than 120,000 workers. The new rules require careful consideration.
An audit is an assessment of the financial statements of an organisation to see whether or not those financial statements are accurate, complete, relevant and fairly presented.
It is important to keep records of all donations and declarations from donors to support the claims made. These will need to be presented if there is an audit by the Inland Revenue.
The government’s announcement at the end of 2007 brought a reduction in the basic rate of income tax from 22% to 20%.
How to reclaim tax on Gift Aid and other income
Reserves are an important aspect to any charity and need to be thought out thoroughly in order to organise a reserves policy and be able to correctly explain and report that policy.
When a donor gives or sells shares to a charity they can receive substantial relief on their Income Tax as well as exemption from Capital Gains Tax on gains they have made on shares.
The best and most effective way to find out about opportunities to submit tenders is to look at advertising in specialist trading publications. Information can also be found through tendering agencies that help aspiring contractors through the process. The additional expense of hiring a tendering agency may put charities off, but spending the extra money can be worth it if it wins new work.
As a treasurer, you have day to day responsibility for dealing with money. It is your job to keep accounts and report to the committee.

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