Work Choice Programme

Supporting people with an acquired brain injury back into work

Attend ABI aims to support our Work Choice clients into gainful employment, and then provide the necessary support for them to sustain their employment. 

Case Study

Here is what clients have said about Attend’s Work Choice support:

Phil Newson

Andrew Burford
Ben Mayhew
Usman Ayub

Job Coach

The Job Coach looks at what sort of jobs you want to apply for and what courses, volunteering and work you may need to do to help to get there. Your Job Coach can help you identify realistic employment options and assist you in researching these opportunities. They also work with you to design a CV and cover letter that are unique to you and give you the skills to alter them for future use. You will also work with them to obtain interview skills and receive feedback throughout the process to better your knowledge and build confidence in interviews.

Supported Job Searching

Each client is assigned a 1:1 or 1:2 Job Support Advisor (JSA). The JSA works with the client on both the soft and hard outcomes of the programme. Their role can include:

Supporting job searching / finding suitable role

  • Supporting clients complete application forms
  • Creating a tailored CV and cover letter
  • Proof reading applications
  • Setting daily targets with the client
  • Providing short notice interview prep
  • Helping clients tailor applications for a specific role
  • Boosting morale after setbacks

Clients have an initial meeting at the start of their day with the JSA, this has the purpose of catching up on activity since the last meeting as well as setting client-led targets for the day. The clients are then supported by their assigned JSA to reach the targets they have set for themselves, this may involve activities such as completing application forms, sending off tailored CV’s and cover letters or preparing for an interview. At the end of the day, clients attend a review meeting with their JSA and the Programme Manager to assess their progress and address any issues that they have encountered.

Mock Interviews

In order to put the skills and knowledge gained on the programme to the test we work on interview skills and prepare our clients for a realistic interview. We base the interview in an unfamiliar environment with professionals that the clients have not met. The interview is based upon a job description matched to the clients’ goals and the feedback is discussed with the group, verbally from the panel and reviewed with the video taken at the interview.

We work with a variety of organisations and individuals to highlight working practises and to share the current working environment. This insight is key to ensuring that the client is in the correct mind-set for work and to highlight what can be expected as an employee. We also work with people who have begun work since their brain injury and are keen to voice their journey and raise their motivation through the 'light at the end of the tunnel' approach.

In-work Support

Every client that progresses into supported work will be required to complete a reflective weekly journal. Entries in the weekly journal should reflect any incidents or happenings in the workplace that “stuck out” to the client during the prior week.

When the weekly journals have been completed by the client, they are sent in to Attend.

When the journals are received by Attend, the Employment Programme Manager, or assigned Job Coach, will read and assess the content to identify potential or actual workplace barriers and subsequent themes of support that will address these.

Every week, clients have a flexi-time allocation of virtual support (via phone or email). This is typically 1 hour per week. This support can be redeemed at any point during the week by the client contacting their designated In-work Support Worker.  

If the client “opts in” for face-to-face support, then they will also receive 1 hour of face-to-face support per month.

The support is predominantly client driven, as they look to progress onto unsupported work.

Other Support

Clients on the Work Choice Programme can also opt in to other services that are provided as part of Attend’s Employment Programme. Relevant services include:

Taught Sessions (particularly the vocational sessions)

Attend ABI is working with Ingeus to deliver the Work Choice programme, a government funded welfare to work programme which is match funded by the European Social Fund.