Access to Work

Supporting acquired brain injury clients with in work support and 1:1 coaching


If you have an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), and this affects the way that you do your job, Attend’s Access to Work support could very well be the answer.

Attend has been chosen as a specialist provider of Access to Work (ATW) Job Coach and Job Aide support for people who have an ABI. This is due to our experience in this area, particularly the highly acclaimed and innovative vocational rehabilitation programme we run for ABI clients. To find out more about the work of Attend ABI, please click here.

Job Coach Support

Attend’s Job Coach support begins with an assessment of the client’s needs, during this meeting the assessor will look to explore:

  • The underlying reasons for the current situation, this involves identifying the manifestations of the ABI.
  • The client needs (Skills, Knowledge and / or Attitude)
  • The client’s goals, ensuring that they are Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Relevant and Time Framed (SMART).

Once we have carried out the assessment, we will create a specialist support plan, tailored to the needs of the individual, addressing the points that arise from the assessment. Once this is approved, the Access to Work support will commence.

During our time providing ATW support, we have provided many different themes, or combinations of themes of support. To name a few, previous support has been centred around increasing confidence and assertiveness in the workplace, working on any residual memory issues a client may have and coming up with strategies and training to overcome them, as well as working on increasing attention and concentration by building stamina in these areas.

Job Aide Support

ATW Job coach support aims to provide the client with the necessary skills and techniques to flourish in their workplace, ultimately without any future support being needed. We understand however that when it comes to Acquired Brain Injury, there are some residual issues that may not improve (i.e. visual-spatial difficulties), this is where Job Aide support comes in. A Job Aide will assist a client with aspects of their role that they have difficulties with as a consequence of their ABI, and is typically with the client for a longer period of time.

Case Studies

Here is what clients have said about Attend’s Access to Work support:

Cat Cade
Frazer Nash
Ann Tinham

Contact Us

We have delivered Job Coach support in the public sector, private sector and third sector. In most cases clients will be referred by the Jobcentre, who will partially or completely fund the intervention. To check your eligibility for this, please click here. Other clients have been privately funded, to discuss prices, as well as any other aspect of Attend’s Access to Work support, please contact Valerie Semeria on