Those We Remember

For all those who currently continue the work of Attend we know that the ethos of what we are doing, the passion to drive us on and the blueprint for where we are going was created by those who have gone before us.

The following - using quotes and articles - recognises and reminds us of those who have planted the roots for Attend from which we continue to grow.

Michael James Dover

23rd October 1952 to 23rd July 2018

Janet and I had the privilege to attend the service in celebration of Michael’s life on Friday 10th August 2018 at St Alban’s Church in Hinehead, along with over 150 friends and family. We first met Michael in 2009.  As an organisation, we were beginning the journey of taking over a service that had previously been run by Rehab UK.  Michael attended the conference celebrating our 60th Anniversary.  The Board members of that time immediately decided he was first choice for our service users’ voice on the Board. It was a decision we never regretted for a moment.   During, the last ten years, we have had the pleasure of hearing about his family, his lovely wife Fillar of nearly 45 years, his two children Marie and Jamie and their respective families, his five grandchildren.
We learned about his career in the Armed Forces, his career in advertising.  We understood the life changing experience of his accident and consequent brain injury. We marvelled at his subsequent achievements that his creativity and the generosity of spirit were the energy behind. 
We were privileged to have Michael share in our journey.  Whatever the circumstances Michael brought wisdom and good humour.  His eternal optimism and sense of adventure, gave courage and confidence to those around him. We were better for knowing him, the organisation was better because of his involvement.
Michael loved quoting Frances Bacon and David Ogilvy. One of the many that we heard at the thanksgiving service that summed up the man was “if you can’t be brilliant, be memorable.”
To us, he was both, both brilliant, and memorable.  Michael, you have left a lasting legacy that both celebrates your brilliance, and means you will not be forgotten. 

David Wood OBE - Chief Executive of Attend


 April was known as the mascot of the Care Homes project. During her time volunteering with Attend she visited over 20 care homes where she acted as both a conversation starter, and a PAT dog.  April teamed up with Pam Moreton to take part in the FAABI 10k run, where they raised nearly £1000. Their story is recorded in the following blog She was also a regular visitor at Cavendish Square, where she sat in on meetings, training sessions, and ABI client sessions. Her most prestigious engagement was when she co-hosted an ‘Evening with Sophie Thompson’ for The Friends of Attend ABI. After a brief illness, where she showed the determination of spirit that marked so much of her life, she died in Catherine’s arms (her favourite place) on 5th June 2016. The rest of the pack: David, Catherine, Christopher and Steve miss her contribution!


Faith Hewitt

The death of Faith Hewitt at the age of 99 will cause many to recall her life and service within the health and social care sectors of Society. Faith was totally dedicated and committed to the welfare in the community and supported Leagues of Friends in Yorkshire. She held a number of official roles including service as Area and Regional membership. As Yorkshire Regional Chairman, Faith played her part as a member of the National Association's national council and served on a number of sub committees and working groups. With colleagues, she organised the Yorkshire Regional Conferences and also the very successful national conference held in the University of York in the 1990s. National colleagues always respected her views and observations based on her long experience. She always championed the work of volunteers in health care and Attend owes much to her hard work, loyalty and practical contribution.

Peter Green - CLM, former National Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends

It was the York Conference, its organisation and operation that got me hooked - so I have much to thank her for in setting me on my way to the thrills and spills of my 'second career' at NAHCF/Attend - best times and still enjoying them! So thanks to Faith for these personally rewarding, exciting times and happy memories.

Pamela Morton OBE - former Attend Chairman


Olga Cureton

Olga's involvement with Ellesmere Cottage Hospital dates back to the early 1970's when a Hospital League of Friends was formed to raise funds for extras for patients and staff. She was Chairman for 18 years from 1974, and during those years many improvements and items of equipment were provided as a consequence of Olga's committment and enthusiasm for fund raising for the hospital. It's believed that Olga was responsible for developing the popular fund raising phenomena of 'Bingo, Chicken & Chips' at that time. However the people of Ellesmere were devastated when it was announced in the late 1980's that their hopsital was to be closed. As Chairman of the League of Friends, Olga mobilised the community in a spontaneous and unprecedented campaign against closure. Numerous protest events were organised including lobbying trips to Westminster. The outcry did produce a brief reprieve but eventually the hospital closed in 1990. So in 1991 Olga inspired the League of Friends to undertake to raise £250,000 to purchase the hospital back for the community. The total was reached and the purchase completed in 1993. Olga then became Chairman of the charitable trust which was formed to take ownership of the building. She went on to raise a further £350,000 to carry out a renovation and the Ellesmere Community Nursing Home opened in October 1994. Olga acted a Chairman of the trust until 2000.  A fundamental aspect of the fundraising project was the charity shop run by the League of Friends and Olga was the charity shop organiser and coordinator until she decided to take a less active role in 2005. The project inspired by Olga bonded the whole community together in a campaign to provide  a facility which at some time will have an impact upon the life of virtually every member of the community of Ellesmere.

Roy Green

A telephone call to his home to wish him a happy 84th birthday on July 21st 2015 revealed that Roy had died in June. So ended a life of service and volunteering with many Jewish and London-based organisations. The National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends (Attend) ranked high in his dedication, serving as the London Regional Chairman, a member on the National Council and formed part of the 50th Jubilee coordinating Committee. Roy was in the group entertained at a Clarence House reception by our then Patron, the Queen Mother, marking our Jubilee, and also led his Regional tableau for the Queen Mother's 100th birthday parade and celebration on Horse Guards Parade. Always full of ideas in fund raising or lifting the Friends profile, some of which would have been hard to implement, Roy had a keen sense of humour and was a valued colleague at all levels of the Movement. He was an Attend Honorary Life Member and we remember with affection his service and friendship. He was a true FRIEND.

Peter Green -CLM, former National Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends


Baroness Miller of Hendon, MBE JP

Many members will remember her as our chairman during our 50th anniversary year when she travelled round the country speaking at many local meetings. She retained her links with the organisation as a Vice President, and visited the office regularly. On her most recent visit she had coffee with the clients who are supported by our Acquired Brain Injury Service. She proved, as ever, that she was interested in people, and their stories. More than that though, she wanted to help them. Perhaps Doreen will be most remembered for her quick wit and humour, regularly seen when she was working with our former President Lord Fraser of Carmyllie. At our 60th anniversary, she actually described herself as his warm up act. The reality of course, is that Doreen was no warm up act… she was a star in her own right.

Mrs. Queenie Twitty, MBE

Mrs. Queenie Twitty, MBE, passed away on 24th December 2012 in Basildon Hospital. She received her award in recognition of her long term services to the Basildon Hospital and Community League of Friends, including seventeen years during which she carried out fundraising for the organisation; doubtless very many patients have reason to be grateful for her work

-Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Matheson, Secretary of the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood on 6th March 2013

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie

Lord Fraser was the President of the National Leagues of Hospital Friends since 1984, holding the post for nearly 30 years. When Peter died, he was the longest serving office bearer-ever-in the organisation. Peter was just perfect at playing the role: a constancy that sat behind the many changes that happened. He acted as a confidential sounding board to our Chairman and gave welcome advice. His chairing of our AGM was masterly. He usually tested our nerve by arriving exactly on time, and there were a few times when he mis-timed and would glide down the central aisle, while the Chairman of the day was doing an ad-hoc and nervous warm up act. He usually proceeded straight to his chair, and launched into things with great aplomb.

-Letter from Richard Harries, Chairman of Attend UK, to Lady Fraser on 16th August 2013

Peter Fraser was the epitome of the Friends movement. He was big in stature and big in understanding and compassion, which was manifested in his concern for others. He led the ‘Friends’ movement through exciting times of growth and change but also in difficult periods of its history.  Through his knowledge and by his consideration for people in all walks of life he was a larger than life leader; one who it was a privilege to call a colleague and a friend.

-Peter M. Green CLM, former National Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends

Peter Fale

Peter Fale was Chairman for 17 years of the Friends of Blandford Community Hospital, whose volunteer scheme he started soon after being invited to join their Council by President Dr. Ian Wilson in the early 1990s. Peter succeeded Frank Pike as Chairman in 1996, and in 1998 became a non-executive director of the then West Dorset Community NHS Trust and served with its successor the North Dorset Primary Care Trust until 2006 when the Trust was dissolved to become part of the Dorset Primary Care Trust. He chaired the Network of Dorset Friends, set up to coordinate efforts by individual groups and give them a stronger collective voice, and became an honorary life member, was a volunteer driver for the Weldmar Hospice, and a Board member and Deputy Chairman of Dorset Relate, after starting as a counsellor with Marriage Guidance in 1986.

-Nicci Brown, Blackmore Vale Magazine, 5 February 2014

Lady Evelyn Pope

Lady Evelyn Pope was Patron and former President of Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre League of Friends for many years. During that time she was instrumental in setting up a hostel for young women in 1980, as well as arranging for wheelchairs to be provided for visitors. In addition to her work with the League, she taught PE in a Belfast Methodist College, worked as a negotiator and administrator within her husband’s business called Tecquipment, and set up a home for international students. Her health and social care interest spread into all aspects of the Nottingham hospitals and the work of the League of Friends.

-Friends Connect, Issue 20 Winter 2010/2011

Lady Winifred Hilton

Lady Winifred Hilton was President of Derby Royal Infirmary League of Friends and the former Derbyshire County Association. During her life she took an active interest in more than 60 charities and voluntary organisations, including the Derbyshire St John Ambulance, the NSPCC and Derby Citizens Advice Bureau. She was also Vice-President of the Royal British Legion and President of the group’s women’s section. An Honorary Member of Attend, Lady Hilton was the widow of Col. Sir Peter Hilton, with whom she shared a life-time interest in the St John Ambulance in Derbyshire and nationally, leading the St John activities with the men’s, nursing and cadet divisions.

-Friends Connect, Issue 20 Winter 2010/2011

Hannah Arbeid

Hannah Arbeid  began working for Attend in 2006. She organised events and travelled the country to reignite the passion for Attend in the member groups and encourage collaboration between groups. After she was diagnosed with cancer and became too ill to work full time at Attend, she still continued to volunteer in consultations at the Hospital she was attending and at her local park. She also helped out at the Special Needs school.  Her partner Sue-Ellen works at taking the children on trips.  After her diagnosis, she focused her volunteering energies on the charity Breast Cancer Haven, promoting the value of their work and speaking at keynote events.

-Friends Connect, Issue 20 Winter 2010/2011

Sir Alastair Aird

Sir Alastair Aird was the husband of former Attend Vice-President Lady Aird. Sir Alastair was Private Secretary to the Queen Mother. Sir Alastair oversaw the Queen Mother’s full programme of official engagements and the difficult task of persuading her to cut down on some of them as she approached her 100th birthday fell to him. His considerable powers of persuasion, tack, discretion and dry humour were just some of the qualities that made him indispensable to the Royal Household.

- Friends Connect, Issue 18 Spring 2010

Mr. Ingle Dawson OBE

Mr Dawson spent his life working within the Health Service for which he was awarded the OBE and his interests in the League of Friends go back many decades. He was instrumental in developing County Associations as a way of linking local leagues together. Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Association for many years, he was elected County President Emeritus on retiring. His main link was through the Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre League of Friends of which he was Chairman, later becoming a League Patron. A member of a number of other County Leagues his work was recognised with the conferring of the Order of the League of Mercy medal.

-Friends Connect, Issue 18 Spring 2010

Phillip Owen

Phillip Owen was fully committed to volunteering; he was a member of Neston Town Council and Chairman of Clatterbridge Hospital League of Friends among many other roles which included being Vice Chairman of Crimestoppers in Merseyside and Church Warden at his local church. Phillip was awarded Honorary Life Membership of Attend for his dedication to the Friends shown while he was the Regional Officer for Merseyside in the 1980s and 90s. Phillip helped keep the Merseyside region together with fund-raising events and training, as well as encouraging the volunteers to attend conferences to meet other Leagues from the North West.

- Friends Connect, Issue 18 Spring 2010

Professor Robert Sang

In addition to Robert Sang’s distinguished career in higher education, he was a Trustee of National Association of Hospital and Community Friends from 2003 to 2006. He was also a member of the first Education Committee which set the foundations for the Attend Academy today. Bob had a unique ability to look at medial and social consequences of illness with a focus on humanity.

-Professor Michael Whiting Chair Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals and Stuart Welling Former Trustee and Treasurer Attend, Friends Connect Issue 17 Summer 2009

Maureen Dickson

In addition to her commitment to the Multiple Sclerosis Society as National Treasurer,  Maureen Dickson dedicated much of her time to Attend. She joined the Board in April 2006 as Treasurer and during her time with us she was committed to encouraging and supporting the development of the small team who handle the charity’s financial affairs. Maureen refused to let her multiple sclerosis diagnosis detract from her wish to be of service to others.

- Gordon Paterson, Former Trustee/Acting Treasurer, Friends Connect Issue 17 Summer 2009

Frank Pike

Frank Pike was a Life Vice President and a constant driving force behind the Friends of Blandford Community Hospital. Frank joined the Friends in 1975 as secretary. He became Chairman in 1986, following the sudden death of John Woodhouse, and was Chairman until 1997. When he reached retirement age for the trustees he was appointed as a Life Vice President for recognition of his outstanding service. In 1990 he was appointed a non-executive director of the West Dorset Community Health Trust and also during the same year, he was elected to the National Association Council.

-The Friends of Blandford Hospital, Newsletter Number 36, Spring 2009

Sue Hindle

Sue Hindle was Chair of the Falmouth Health Centre League of Hospital and Community Friends since it was founded in 1996, and in 2001 she became Chair of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Leagues of Hospital and Community Friends. Through her work with the Friends she became involved in other voluntary activities, including the Seaman’s Mission and the West Cornwall Ladies Luncheon Club. She also sat on the Community Health Council and the Patients Forum while still working actively in patient care.

-Friends Connect Issue 16, Spring 2009

Mr. J Aubrey Roberts

Aubrey Roberts was an active member of the Wrexam Hospital Friends, becoming Chairman in 1991 and then Vice President in 2001, he used his enthusiasm for teaching to lead the organisation. Aubrey was also the former elected Constituency Member for North East Wales and held a seat on the National Association Council for six years. He became National Vice President Wales until the 2004 National Annual General Meeting, whereupon he was made an Honorary Life Member.

-Friends Connect, Issue 13 Summer 2006

Constance Margaret Woodhouse

A nurse by profession, Margaret  Woodhouse faithfully served the Friends at a regional and national level for many years. She was initially a South West regional constituency member, and later rose to the position of South West Regional Chairman. She also served as a Trustee and Board member of the National Association, and was a member of several working parties. Margaret’s life was full of activity and service to others, giving her time to many local organisations.

-Peter Green, Friends Connect, Issue 13 Summer 2006

Mr. Harold Cranswick

Harold Cranswick was founder Chairman of the Friends of Sunnyside and Montrose Infirmary, a post to which he generously dedicated 21 years. He also served on the NAHCF Board of Trustees and Management Committee.

-Friends Connect, Issue 10 Spring 2005

Mr. Ray Horsley

Ray Horsley was the NAHCF Regional Officer for Nottinghamshire and Vice Chairman of the University Hospital Nottingham League of Friends.

-Friends Connect, Issue 10 Spring 2005

Monica Beck BEM

Monica Beck was a very active member of the National Association. She served as the Regional Chairman for the North East from 1994 until 2001 when she retired from that position and received Honorary Life Membership at the AGM in 2001. Monica devoted her life to volunteering. She had a formidable reputation for fundraising and remained an active member of the Northern General Hospital League of Friends in Sheffield.

 -Hospital & Community Friend, Winter 2001-2002

Mike Conway

Mike Conway was the Chief Executive of the National Association of Hospital & Community Friends for 6 years, from 1995 until his death. Mike first joined NAHCF as Development Manager in 1994 and was promoted to Chief Executive in 1995. He brought a great measure of dedication and professionalism to the Association and in spite of some inevitable opposition he advanced the Association’s cause with infectious enthusiasm and energy, influencing the structure of NAHCF and the way it is now being run.

-Oliver J Rowell, Conway family friend, Hospital & Community Friend, Autumn 2001

-The Hospital & Community Friend, Summer 2001

Viscount Leverhulme

Lord Leverhulme was President of the Clatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends. He was an outstanding supporter of the Clatterbridge Hospital and attended all the major events in the life of the League , even allowing many events in aid of the League to be held at his home in Thornton Manor.

-Phillip Owen, Former Chairman of Clatterbridge Hospital League of Friend, Hospital & Community Friend, Autumn 2000

The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Macleod of Borve, DL, JP

Lady Macleod served the Association as Chairman from 1974 to 1985 and thereafter as President until 1989. Throughout her life Lady Macleod was dedicated to the public service through both the voluntary sector and the House of Lords. Having contracted polio in 1952, she always needed the help of a stick for walking, but she remained remarkably active. In 1970 following the death of her husband Ian Macleod, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Eve Macleod accepted a life peerage as a tribute to his memory. She later developed the Crisis at Christmas Appeal and launched the National Association of Widows. Her public service record also included 30 years as a magistrate.

-The Hospital & Community Friend, Spring 2000

Rt. Hon. The Baroness Robson of Kiddington JP

Rt. Hon. The Baroness Robson of Kiddington JP was Chairman of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends from 1986 to 1994. During her 8 years as the Association’s Chairman, Lady Robson was the driving force in helping to re-shape its organisation. She did much to promote the League of Friends everywhere. Her genuine interest in the “Friends” and her willingness to go and see for herself and talk to League members greatly endeared her to so many of our members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

-The Hospital & Community Friend, Issue Number 2 , Summer 1999

Gordon Phillips

Gordon Phillips was a constituency member for Cornwall. He retired from Cornwall and Devon Constabulary as Detective Chief Inspector after 30 years service. Since retiring he devoted himself to caring for others through his work with Cornwall CHC and Trevillis House, as well as the Friends.

-The Hospital Friend Issue 106, August 1998

Norman E Hooker

Norman Hooker was the constituency member for the Merseyside region. He was Chairman and Secretary of his own League and Honorary Secretary of Merseyside Association. His interest in hospital affairs extended to a wide range of issues.

-The Hospital Friend, Issue 105 March 1998

Bill Martin

Bill Martin was the Deputy Chairman of the National Association. Bill gave 22 years of voluntary service to the organisation. An engineer by profession, he was an Area Traffic Manager for North Yorkshire County Council at Skipton. His association with the League of Friends movement began in 1973 when a short stay at Airedale Hospital resulted in his joining its radio station. Thereafter he was involved with the Leagues in Airedale and Skipton, as well as giving his time to various National Association committees. He took up the post of Deputy Chairman in 1992, remaining an active member of both Leagues right up to his death.

-The Hospital Friend Issue 95, June 1995

Douglas Cook

Douglas Cook was appointed to the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends’ Regional Chairman for England Centre at the beginning of the year that he passed. He died before he was able to attend the regional conference that he had been planning in Sheffield. Douglas was a member who gave a lot of time to those in need and was a true friend to many Hospital Friends.

-The Hospital Friend Issue 91, Spring 1994

Mr. John Dodd

Mr. John Dodd was a member of the small group of individuals who had the vision and commitment to found the National Association in March 1949. Since that time his interest in the League of Hospital Friends never wavered until his death. During the early years of the National Association, he took a leading role in determining the way ahead, from 1966 until 1980, a Vice-Chairman of the National Association before becoming a Co-opted Member of the Council. In 1988 he became a National Vice-President, one of only two laymen who have been honoured in this way since the National Association was founded. His help to the Leagues of Hospital Friends and other medical and health care charities in the Bristol area was legendary and he combined this with the onerous role of Chief Executive of the Western Provident Association, which grew under his guidance to be the third largest such body in the UK.

-The Hospital Friend Number 82, January 1992

Mr. Frank Allason

Mr. Frank Allason was a long-term member of the League of Friends of Brampton and District War Memorial Cottage Hospital. He also became the Council Member for Cumbria shortly before his passing, but he had already made his mark and signalled his determination to be a dynamic constituency representative.

-The Hospital Friend Number 80, July 1991

Mr. A. A. Maxwell-Reid

Mr. A. A. Maxwell-Reid was the Council Member for Essex/Suffolk and also long time Chairman of the Clacton Hospital League of Friends. He also took a leading part in the Essex Association.

-The Hospital Friend Number 77, October 1990

Mr. Arthur Norman Brown, BEM

Mr. Arthur Norma Brown, BEM, was the Founder Secretary of the Friends of Hayley Green Hospital. Mr. Brown was also a Council Member of the National Association until he retired through ill-health in 1988.

-The Hospital Friend Number 79, April 1991

Sir Archibald Forbes, GCB

Sir Archibald Forbes was the former Vice President of the National Association and for many years until 1988, our Honorary Treasurer.  He had a most distinguished business career and was Chairman of the Midland Bank at the time that he accepted the post of Honorary Treasurer. Despite his many other interests he was most supportive of the National Association adn took a considerable interest in its officers. His control of financial matters was always meticulous and his advice much valued.

-The Hospital Friend Number 73 , October 1989

Dr. J. S. S. Fairley, MD, Bchir

Dr. J. S. S. Fairley, MD, Bchir was an influential figure in the affairs of the National Association. He was first the Deputy Chairman and later became Deputy President. His career as a Regional Seminar Medical Officer within the National Health Service had given him an immense knowledge of Health Care which he was always willing to put to good use on behalf of the National Association.

-The Hospital Friend Number 72, July 1989

Mr. Trevor R. Gray, MBE, JP

Mr. Trevor  R. Gray, MBE, JP served as a  member of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends Council for over 25 years and was a Vice-Chairman from 1970 until 1983 when he resigned all the offices in the Friends Movement due to health reasons. Many Leagues of friends in Wales and beyond owe their origin to his enthusiasm and wise council.

-The Hospital Friend Number 57, October 1985

Miss Greta W. Hayre

Miss Greta Hayre served on the National Association of Leagues of Friends Council from 1973 and was the Chairman of the Nottingham Conference Planning Committee for one year. She had a career in nursing from which she retired in 1969 and she later became a member of the League of Friends of University Hospital Nottingham and also a member of the Nottinghamshire Salvation Army League of Friends.

-The Hospital Friend Number  57, October 1985

Mrs. W. Haley

Mrs. W. Haley had served as a member of the National Association of Leagues of Friends Council for several years. She was a most enthusiastic worker for the League of Friends of Halifax Hospital and also in West Yorkshire generally where she was responsible for helping several other Leagues to be formed.

-The Hospital Friend Number 57, October 1985

Brigadier Arthur Trevor, D.S.O.

Following his army career and a period as head of the Civil Defence College, Arthur Trevor came to the National Association in Lady Monckton’s time as Director. He was very involved in the work of the National Association.

-The Hospital Friend Number 51, April 1984

Miss Olive Williams, M.B.E.

Miss Olive Williams along with our first Chairman, Percy Wetenhall, put the Leagues on the map. Olive was completely devoted to the hospitals, and gave nearly all her time to encouraging our voluntary work.

-The Hospital Friend Number 51, April 1984

Mr. W. H. C. Lean

Mr. Lean was a member of our National Council for nine years, representing Cornwall. A dental surgeon by profession, he received the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for his work with the hospital service. He was greatly involved with several Leagues in the Redruth area and at the time of his death was President of the Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly Leagues of Friends.

-The Hospital Friend Number 51, April 1984

Mr. J. F. Pilbeam

Mr. J. F. Pilbeam was a member of the Council of the National Association from 1973 until 1982. Mr. Pilbeam was also Chairman of the League of Friends of Pembury Hospital for many years and was deeply committed to the Hospital Friends Movement.

-The Hospital Friend Number 50, January 1984

Mrs. Bette Chapman

Mrs Bette Chapman was a member of the National Council since 1980 and had an involvement with the League of Friends Movement over many years. For some time she was the administrator of the League of Friends of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry and the League of Friends at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

-The Hospital Friend Number 46, January 1983

B. T. Davis, ESQ., M.B.E., F.C.A.

Bernard T. Davis was the Vice-Chairman of the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends.  He was also the senior partner of a Birmingham firm of Chartered Accountants and was actively involved with several different charities. It was his important voluntary work within the hospital field which led him early in the League of Friends Movement and in 1948 he formed the League of Friends of the Birmingham Skin Hospital. This was the first of 28 Hospital Leagues which he formed as well as the West Midlands Association of Hospital Friends of which he remained President until he passed.

-The Hospital Friend Number 37, October 1980