Organisation membership

If your charity works to improve the quality of life for people suffering ill-health, disability or social disadvantage, then membership of Attend could benefit the work that you do.

Group membership rates for 2017 - 2018

Our subscription bands are dependent on the number of active volunteers in your group. These could otherwise be described as volunteers who would need to be covered by one of the elements of insurance below.

Subject to acceptance to the scheme,  subscriptions include our core insurance package (see Charity Insurance section for full details): public, products and employer's liability, trustee indemnity and personal accident.

Band A – 0-9 Volunteers – £426
Band B – 10-34 Volunteers – £514
Band C – 35-74 Volunteers – £578
Band D – 75-124 Volunteers – £669

Band E - 125+ volunteers - £744


All new members receive an introductory offer of band A for the first 12 months of membership

For further information please contact Debbie Baverstock on 020 7307 2570 or email her at

Alternatively please download the attached Application Form.