Tailored support

When running your organisation we know that sometimes you just need to pick up the phone or send an email that gets you some specific support. We offer a range of ways you can get tailored support.

The team at head office provides a strong national framework to support the work of all our members, our regional teams and volunteers. We are constantly exploring how we can offer benefits to our members, as well as working with all our members on maximising opportunities and meeting challenges.

We love to hear from you, and to work out if there are more ways we can support your organisation. Tailored services include:

Talking through any membership queries

Please get in touch with any questions about your membership, we have a team dedicated to giving you the one on one support that you need.


We offer a number of accredited courses for you and your volunteers, as well as numerous workshops throughout the UK that give you the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.

Volunteering projects

We are exploring innovative ways to volunteer in health and social care through a number of pilot projects. We are always looking to share what we find as well as offer ways for your group to take up projects and potentially develop new projects for the future.

Free legal advice

We have set up a special free legal hotline for our members, for queries relating to legal and employment issues. Please note, that under the existing Core Membership our legal helpline offers advice on employment related issues including disputes but there is no insurance protection for legal costs and ultimately any award against you should matters escalate to a tribunal. 

Honorary Life Members

Each year we award a small number of volunteers an Honorary Life Membership. It is awarded by the Trustees of Attend to individuals who have made a sustained and significant contribution to the work of Attend.

Free certificates

 We have a range of certificates that we can personalise for you free of charge for you to issue to your volunteers. Certificates available include merit, long service and anniversary certificates.