Charity Audit Service

Through our auditors, Wilkins Kennedy, our new service helps your Trustees meet their responsibilities while helping to market your charity effectively.

Review of accounts for compliance and marketing

This is a review of your charity's statutory accounts to ensure they are fully compliant with the relevant legislation.
Wilkins Kennedy can also work with you put together annual reviews, impact statements and other literature, ensuring your accounts communicate the desired messages to potential donors and other readers.

Review of systems

Wilkins Kennedy offer a review of your accounting systems and procedures. They would review your controls and systems and provide a summary highlighting areas of recommended change. This would:

  • Reassure Trustees that they are meeting their risk responsibilities
  • Reassure Trustees that they are safeguarding the assets of the charity
  • Highlight any departures from best practice
  • Provide practical advice on improving systems of accounting and internal control.

The review would be based on best practice as set out by the Charity Commission.

Provision of a template for charity accounts format

Wilkins Kennedy are able to provide a template for charity accounts in accordance with Charity accounting guidelines, other relevant legislation and best practice.  Not only would this assist with compliance but would also aid future fundraising projects by providing a template of financial statements that can be used as a marketing tool to assist with future fundraising.

External scrutiny

Wilkins Kennedy are able to provide third party scrutiny of your financial statements incorporating any of the above services.


Michelle Wilkes, Wilkins Kennedy charity partner
Tel: 01689 827505.