One-day/half-day workshops

A range of in-house volunteer management workshops that can be tailored to your organisations needs.

Managing Volunteers

Organisations need to be able to manage their volunteers.  Whether an organisation has a few volunteers or many, they require the same type of management, and this session is useful in finding out how to effectively manage them and deal with certain difficult situations that can often arise.

Recruiting Trustees

In this session, strategies for attracting, recruiting and training a balanced and productive board will be looked into.  This will help your organisation build a successful, diverse and skilled board that reflects good governance.

Retaining Volunteers

After recruiting volunteers, it is important for organisations to retain them.  This session will explore various reasons behind volunteering, what volunteers expect from organisations and how to retain volunteers without incurring many costs.

Training Volunteers

Volunteers always need to be trained by their organisation in order to help them develop and improve their volunteering to successfully reflect the organisation’s aims. This session will explain how important volunteer training is for an organisation, and will outline the different ways that training can be done.