Other research/articles

Research undertaken by external organisations around volunteer engagement.
PDF icon Other01_Reward and Recognition Policy for Volunteers.pdf120.86 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Jean Tomlin - lessons from the Olympics Volunteering Programmeapproved.doc42.5 KB
PDF icon 3. BME and Green Space.pdf37.39 KB
PDF icon 9. challenging institutional racism, a toolkit for the voluntary sector.pdf629.6 KB
PDF icon 12. Keeping it in the community - issue 4.pdf235.63 KB
PDF icon 14. Minority attraction - issue 3.pdf40.98 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A1 Interviewing Volunteers.pdf29 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A2 Placing volunteers by motivation.pdf249.49 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A3 Sample interview guide.pdf28.25 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A4 Volunteer Screening.pdf327.67 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A5 CreatingVolunteerRoles.pdf147.81 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A6 What Organisations Look for in a Good Volunteer.pdf95.62 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A7 Volunteer_Management_Plan_Workbook.pdf399.97 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A8 Interview Questions - get to new depths.pdf179.39 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A9 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.pdf199.03 KB
PDF icon M1-R1A10 How to Assess Volunteer Expectations and Skills.pdf190.17 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A1 Assessing_Voluntary_Experiences_Sept_06.pdf1.83 MB
PDF icon M1-R2A2 TNA proforma for volunteers.pdf83.33 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A3 World Volunteer Web Benefits of volunteering.pdf167.51 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A4 A toolkit for volunteer leaders.pdf1.38 MB
PDF icon M1-R2A5 Training_Needs_Analysis_full_doc_for_sts.pdf442.42 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A6 Assessing_Voluntary_Experiences_Sept_06.pdf1.83 MB
PDF icon M1-R2A7 Training_Needs_Analysis_full_doc_for_sts.pdf442.42 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A8 kineo_informal_learning.pdf461.86 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A9 Ideas for Motivating Students.pdf97.02 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A11 Encouraging Student Participation.pdf46.84 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A12 Help Sheet - ourcommunity_com_au.pdf113.42 KB
PDF icon M1-R2A13 ADB_Volunteer_Guide[1].pdf3.14 MB
PDF icon M1-R2A14 Volunteer_induction_and_training.pdf133.26 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A1 Volunteer_Management_Plan_Workbook.pdf399.97 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A2 Adult Learning - Emerging Perspectives on Learning.pdf605.66 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A3 World Volunteer Web Supervising volunteers.pdf117.49 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A4 Why is it Labor Unions vs_ Volunteers.pdf98.87 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A5 Q&A Reducing conflict between staff and volunteers.pdf137.94 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A6 tuc-17329-f0.pdf310.87 KB
PDF icon M1-R3A7 Running Effective Meetings MindTools_com.pdf197.84 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A1 Volunteer Management Recruitment Recognition.pdf209.34 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A2 Giving Feedback - MindTools_com.pdf220.12 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A3 Providing Feedback.pdf101.52 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A4 How to Discuss Issues with Your Colleagues Dot Connector.pdf354.46 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A5 Corrective actions.pdf98.97 KB
PDF icon M1-R4A6 GPG_16_Supporting_Volunteers[1].pdf217.9 KB
PDF icon M1-R5A1 Feedback Friend or Foe.pdf416.01 KB
PDF icon M1-R5A2 Supervision Volunteering Good Practice Guide.pdf144.16 KB
PDF icon M1-R5A3 sample supervision record PDF.pdf81.74 KB
Microsoft Office document icon M1-R5A4 Example review form.doc27 KB
PDF icon M1-R5A5 Volunteer records and data protection.pdf234.72 KB
PDF icon M1-R6A1 World Volunteer Web Recognizing volunteers.pdf406.23 KB
PDF icon M1-R6A2 Volunteering England - Volunteering England.pdf25.38 KB
PDF icon M1-R6A3 Volunteering England - Volunteering England.pdf108.81 KB
PDF icon M1-R6A4 Making the Most of Nonprofit Volunteers Suite101.pdf278.31 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A1 Making the Most of Nonprofit Volunteers.pdf120.8 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A2 Creating rewarding roles and other support.pdf95.75 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A3 Volunteer Reviews PDF.pdf77.56 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A4 Supervision Sheet PDF.pdf62.32 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A5 Review Form (PDF).pdf68.62 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A6 Friend or Foe.pdf131.14 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A7 Volunteer Recognition.pdf182.15 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A8 Changing the volunteer role.pdf14.05 KB
PDF icon U1-R1A9 Volunteer records and data protection PDF.pdf146.99 KB
PDF icon M2-R1A1 Volunteering England - Volunteering England.pdf20.94 KB
PDF icon M2-R2A1 Tips for Grievance Policy.pdf129.12 KB
PDF icon U1-L1_Flexible Volunteering.pdf193.84 KB
PDF icon U1-L2 Volunteering Agreements.pdf137.65 KB
PDF icon M3-R2A5 Volunteering whilst under the knife.pdf119.35 KB
PDF icon U1-L3_Zimmeck_2000_The right stuff.pdf177.06 KB
PDF icon M1RA1_Thinking about Support and Supervision.pdf129.33 KB
PDF icon M1RA2_Retaining Volunteers.pdf71.37 KB