Impact Assessment Leadership

This is a 5-day programme specifically designed for people with responsibility for developing a climate within their organisation for measuring the impact of its services.(Approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management as an Endorsed & Development Programmes)

Who it is for

This programme is for those responsible for developing systems for impact assessment of an organisation’s services, whilst also promoting an organisational climate that embraces evaluation and impact assessment.

Course aims

Delegates will develop the following:

  • An understanding of the core research/evaluation process in a civil society context
  • An understanding of the role of leaders in civil society in initiating and driving the organisational evidence strategy.
  • Ability to assess an organisation’s current evidence practices and for plans to improve these systems.
  • Insight into the role of leaders in managing both the technical and cultural aspects of generating and using evidence effectively.
  • A balance between the evidence strategy and the broader financial and organisational strategies.
  • Formation of action plans and strategies to develop evidence practices within own organisation.


Each module has two core components:

1. The technical aspects.

Where the theory of impact assessment, research and evaluation are considered in the appropriate modules.

2. The people aspects.

Where the principles of leadership and management are applied so the organisation’s people have the ability, motivation and opportunity to embrace evaluation and impact assessment, so it becomes part of organisational culture.

Delivery and duration

The programme is made up of 5 one-day workshops to take place across 2-months.

Completing 3 of the 5 workshops meets the requirements for the ILM Development Programme. Completing all 5 modules and the assessment activity requirements for the ILM Endorsed Programme.

Assessment (Endorsed Programme only)

Following the final workshop delegates develop a personal action plan, where they consider your learning from the 5 workshops and identify:

1.    The key activities to develop a suitable impact assessment strategy.

2.    The key activities that encourage the organisation’s people to embrace evaluation and impact assessment, so it becomes part of organisational culture.

What is included

  • Delivery by ILM approved facilitator
  • Learning materials
  • On-line forum discussions following each workshop
  • Feedback on assessment activity
  • ILM certificate
  • 6 months studying membership of the ILM

Next course dates:

Workshop 1 - 5th February 2014 (Assessing where you are now and how best to start)

Workshop 2 - 19th February 2014 (Selecting measures and gathering data)

Workshop 3 - 5th March 2014 (Gathering data and analysing your data)

Workshop 4 - 19th March 2014 (Using your evidence internally)

Workshop 5 - 2nd April 2014 (Making your evidence work for you externally)


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For further information:


tel: 0845 450 0282